Aged Balsamic

Calistoga Olive Oil Company's Cask Aged Balsamic is produced from the juice of just-harvested white grapes (typically, Trebbiano grapes) boiled down to approximately 30% of the original volume to create a concentrate or must, which is then fermented with a slow aging process which concentrates the flavors. The flavor intensifies over the years, with the vinegar being stored for 12-18 years in wooden casks, becoming sweet, viscous and very concentrated. During this period, a portion evaporates: which of course is termed the "angel's share".

None of the vinegar is withdrawn until the end of the 12-18 year aging period. At that time a small portion is drawn from the smallest cask and each cask is then topped up with the contents of the preceding (larger) cask. Freshly reduced cooked must is added to the largest cask and in every subsequent year the drawing and topping up process is repeated. This process where the product is distributed from the oldest cask and then refilled from the next oldest vintage cask is called solera or in perpetuum.

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